EPA Annual Report and Accounts 2008

Summary: This report provides details of the functions that were carried out throughout the year, in addition to the financial statements.

Published: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-84095-304-6

Pages: 76

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Format: pdf

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2008 was a very busy and challenging year for the EPA. At the start of the year, there was little indication that the world was facing an economic crisis on the scale witnessed in the last few months of the year. Yet environmental challenges both for Ireland and for the planet remain. We still have to face up to and deal with climate change; our waters and habitats still need to be restored where damaged, and protected where in good condition; all sectors of the economy still need to reduce their impact on the environment and we still have to comply with the ever-growing number of environmental laws and agreements. These are all challenges that we must continue to face and deal with despite the worsening economic situation we find ourselves in.

The EPA has set out its long-term vision for Ireland's environment in its corporate strategy 2020Vision. This vision sets out goals for Ireland's environment under the headings of limiting and adapting to climate change, clean air, protected water resources, protected soil and biodiversity, sustainable use of resources and integration and enforcement. The work of the EPA is fully aligned to this vision. These are challenging goals and the EPA is now engaging with many other organisations and individuals in finding ways to move us along in the right direction. During 2009, and in future years, building alliances and networks with other groups and organisations will become increasingly important given the wide range of actors involved in environmental protection, and the EPA will play its part in facilitating the development and operation of such alliances and networks.

The new economic situation also calls for public sector organisations to become highly efficient in their use of scarce resources. Put simply, we have to be able to do more with less and I am committed to continuing to ensure that the EPA is an organisation that gives good value for money. I am also committed to ensuring that the EPA continues to be an organisation with a strong focus on public service and one that prides itself on the delivery of a top quality service to its many stakeholders.


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