How to Apply

Applying for a licence

Before you acquire any irradiating apparatus or radioactive materials, you must obtain a licence from the EPA’s Office of Radiological Protection, formerly the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland.

The application and licence fees are set out in S.I. No. 654 of 2007 and based upon criteria determined by the EPA.

Licence CategoryApplication Fee (non-refundable)License Fee (Per annum)
Licence L €533 €299
Licence M €851 €950
Licence H €740 €1,525

When applying for a licence, you will be required to address issues such as

We may ask you to supply additional information at any stage during the licensing process.

You must apply for a licence at least one month before the proposed acquisition of any irradiating apparatus or radioactive substance – though it is advisable to apply as early as possible.

A licence will be issued once the EPA Office of Radiological Protection is satisfied with your application.

How to sign up to EDEN for radiological licence

This short video steps through the process of registering on the EPA's EDEN Portal

The process and information you require to obtain a licence are explained in Applying for a Radiological licence online.