Regulation and Guidance

Because of the potential health risks, the use of and exposure to ionising radiation is strictly regulated by Irish and European legislation.

Regulation and Guidance

One of the roles of the EPA is to ensure that licensees comply with the relevant Irish and European legislation. This function was formerly the responsibility of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland. We also provide advice and guidance to help licensees understand the often complex regulations governing the use of ionising radiation.

The EPA Office of Radiological Protection have a team of experts with a wide range of expertise in different areas of radiation protection are able to provide advice and assistance as required.

For advice specifically on the regulation of ionising radiation, you can contact the Office of Radiological Protection directly.

We also have available for download a range of guidance documents. These are designed to help you meet your legal obligations and ensure maximum protection for you and your staff.

They cover a number of key areas, including

  • The role of Radiation Protection Advisers
  • Radiation protection in dental radiography
  • Radiation protection in veterinary radiography
  • The role of Radiological Protection Officers
  • Intervention planning
  • Emergency preparedness
  • How to report an incident or accident
  • Drafting a maintaining Radiation Safety Manuals/Procedures
  • Risk assessment
  • Training requirements for transporting radioactive materials by road
  • How to carry out wipe tests
  • Guidance note on High Activity Sealed Sources

All of these documents are available in the publications section of this website.