Galway Radon Week October 2011

Why is radon a problem in Galway?

In the map of Galway below, High Radon Areas are depicted as the brown and dark brown coloured grid squares.

A 'High Radon Area' is one in which more than 10% of homes are predicted to have radon levels in excess of the Reference Level (or acceptable level) of 200 becquerel per cubic metre (Bq/m3).

Much of County Galway is predicted to have more than 20% of the homes above the Reference Level.

You can search for your home address on our interactive radon map.

radon map of county Galway

Even if you do not live in a High Radon Area, you still may have high levels in your home. The only way to know is to have your home tested.

We have also compiled results by county from all the measurements we have undertaken that show Galway has amongst the highest incidence of radon in homes in the country. Of the 5630 homes tested in the county, 21 per cent (1190) are above the acceptable level including 2 per cent (135) which were measured at more than four times the acceptable level.

Further information on radon – what it is; why it is a problem; how it gets into a home; how to test; where to get a test and how to fix the problem can be found elsewhere on this website.