Environmental Education And Second-Level Schools

Information about Ireland's Environment

Find out all the latest information about Ireland's Environment, including colourful and accessible Infographics and Factsheets, and a dashboard of key environmental indicators.

Live Green

Check out the Live Green resource for advice, awareness and education on sustainability at home and in your community.

Leaving Certificate Geography Pack

Our Leaving Certificate Geography Pack supports the revised Leaving Certificate Geography syllabus, and encourages the development and practice of a variety of geographical skills.  Materials are available in both English and Irish.

DVD/CD copies of the resources were distributed to geography teachers via in-service training in 2007.  Teachers can contact the EPA for a copy of the DVD/CD pack by emailing education@epa.ie.   

Learn more about the Leaving Certificate Geography Resource Pack

Science And Technology In Action

This innovative teaching and learning resource has been developed with many of our leading science oriented organisations in the private and public sectors.

The hard copy presentation pack contains lessons and associated teaching materials. The lessons have been designed in close collaboration with practising teachers and advisors.

Each lesson relates to the activities of one of the participating organisations, to enhance the relevance of science in everyday life. This grounding in reality is designed to raise awareness and engage students in the world of applied science and technology.

View the Science & Technology in Action online lessons. 

1st Edition Download the lesson on Sewage Treatment
2nd Edition Download the lesson on Drinking Water
3rd Edition Download the lesson on Climate Change and the enhanced greenhouse effect
4th Edition Download the second lesson on climate change
5th Edition Download the lesson on Environmental Technologies
6th Edition Download the lesson on Waste
7th Edition Download the lesson on Water & Waterways
8th Edition

Download the lesson on Noise

Download the lesson on Radioactivity in the Environment

9th Edition

Download the lesson on Air

Download the lesson on X-Rays: Uses and Dangers

10th Edition Download the lesson on Ionising Radiation and Health Hazards
11th Edition Download the lesson on Septic Tanks

Consumer Classroom

Consumer Classroom is a community website for teachers bringing together an extensive library of consumer education resources from across the EU, along with interactive and collaborative tools to help prepare and share lessons with students and other teachers.