Climate Call 2017

A sustained Climate Research Programme is an essential component of Ireland’s role in meeting its requirements under The Paris Agreement 2015, the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act (2015), the UNECE Air Convention, the EU Clean Air Package and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and is committed to aligning our research to assist in the delivery of these goals.
The EPA Climate Research priorities include:

  • Supporting the transition to a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by the end of the year 2050. This is will be done through developing the public, policy makers and the research community understanding of what this objective means in an Irish context and how it might be achieved. 
  • Developing integrated approaches and growth opportunities through management of the challenges that arise from climate change, air quality and other environmental issues.

The EPA Research Programme has been allocated funding of approximately € 1.14m for new commitments in Climate research in 2017.

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The EPA Climate Research Pillar is structured into four thematic areas of research as follows:

Multi- and inter-disciplinary research is required on these themes, with expected social, economic, technological, environmental and policy impacts.

Cofunding and Partnerships

As part of the EPA Research Climate Call 2017, one topic: Climate Change Mitigation in the land use Sector: Synergies and trade-offs with biodiversity and amenity objectives will be cofunded on a 50:50 basis with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

DAFM operates three 'public good' competitive research funding programmes for agriculture, food and forestry to support innovation and economic success across the bioeconomy. DAFM also provides support for Irish involvement in the EU Horizon 2020 research funding programme.

As part of the EPA Research Climate Call 2017, one topic, Development of an Irish pollen forecast prototype  will be in collaboration with Met Éireann.

Met Éireann, Ireland's National Meteorological Service, is the leading provider of weather information and related services in the State. Its mission is to monitor, analyse and predict Ireland's weather and climate and to provide a range of high quality meteorological and related information to the public and to specific customers in, for example, the aviation and agricultural sectors. As a scientific and technical organisation, it strives to utilise the latest technological and scientific advances in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of its forecasts.

Funding Structure

The EPA invites research proposals under the specific topics listed in the table below.

These proposals will be Research fellowships, Desk-Studies or Medium-Scale Projects:

  • Research Fellowship will typically last from 24 to 36 months with an indicative cost range of up to €250,000
  • Desk-Study will typically last from 6 to 12 months with an indicative cost range of €50,000 to €100,000
  • Medium-Scale Project will typically last from 24 to 36 months with an indicative cost range of €100,000 to €350,000 

Call Topic Ref.

Thematic Areas and Project Titles 

Max. Budget (€) per project

Ireland's Future Climate, its Impacts, and Adaptation Options
Climate 2017 Call - Project 1 Societal transition to low carbon, climate resilience by 2050 €350,000
Climate 2017 Call - Project 2 Status of Ireland’s climate  €200,000
Climate Solutions, Transition Management and Opportunities
Climate 2017 Call - Project 3 Climate Change Mitigation in the land use Sector: Synergies and trade-offs with biodiversity and amenity objectives  €120,000 To be cofunded 50:50 with DAFM
Climate 2017 Call - Project 4 Effectiveness Analysis of National Policy measures in achieving Climate goals €100,000 
Carbon Stocks, GHG Emissions, Sinks and Management Options
Climate 2017 Call - Project 5 Quantitative approaches to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Neutrality €150,000
Climate 2017 Call - Project 6 Climate Change and Land   €220,000
Air science
Climate 2017 Call - Project 7 Development of an Irish pollen forecast prototype  €200,000 in collaboration with Met Éireann
Climate 2017 Call - Project 8 Examining emerging methods for the quantification and characterisation of odour emissions from regulated activities in Ireland, particularly the non-hazardous waste sector, and their potential use in the assessment of impacts on human health due to emissions to atmosphere from this sector €350,000  
Climate 2017 Call – Project 9  Health Impacts of PM10/ PM2.5 in the Irish context linking air quality data to health surveillance data  €300,000 
Climate 2017 Call - Project 10 Additional Topic on: Air Quality Open Data Research Fellowship €150,000