Research Call 2017 FAQ's

I can't see my organisation on SmartSimple, what do i do?

If your organisation has made an application previously, it should appear when you start typing in the ‘Organisation Name’ box.

If not clear your internet history and refresh your application, if the problem still persists try moving to a different browser.

If your organisation has not registered with us, please complete the Organisation registration Page on SmartSimple.

When registering please note that the email address given for the applicant and primary or secondary contact cannot be the same.

Can awarded funding be greater than the budget limit specified?


Can a 4 year PhD student participate as part of a 3 year project?

This is possible, however it should be noted that funding related to the PhD will only be reimbursed in relation to the period that they are working on the specified project.

For example if the project is of 3 years duration and the PhD student is not recruited until the end of month three, funding will only be reimbursed for 2 years and nine months.

Can we apply for more than one project?


If a Principal Investigator (PI) has been awarded a grant under a previous call can they submit an application under the new call?


Can a Principal Investigator (PI) be the lead on more than one live project?


Can researchers from outside Ireland apply?

Yes. The research is open to researchers outside of Ireland.

However the research topics detailed in the call documentation identify environmental issues for Ireland and therefore proposals should address these.

Although not a requirement we encourage Irish partners to be involved as part of the project team.

Is it possible to have Two Principal Investigators on a project?

It is possible to have two PIs on a project-based award. However, for the purposes of applying using our SmartSimple system only be one person can complete the online application form be listed as the PI.

Can a project designated as a Desk Study, or Medium Scale Study be undertaken as a research fellowship?


Is it possible to register as an applicant and have another person as the project leader of that application or does it have to be the same person?

The person registering as the applicant is the project leader.

Is it possible to have the role of Applicant and Primary / Secondary contact using the same email address ?

No – these roles conflict within the system.

For Private Companies, NGO’s Charities etc it is normally the managing Director, CEO or Finance Officer who would be nominated as the Primary contact.

In the case of Third level Institutions it would be Research Administration Office staff .

For sole traders please provide alternate email addresses – one for your role as an Applicant and another for your role as Primary contact

What is the deadline for technical queries?

For the Climate, Water and Sustainability calls the deadline for technical queries is 5.00 pm on 26th June 2017.

What if my query is not listed as an FAQ

All queries relating to the Research Call 2017 should be directed to