National Coordination

The EPA is responsible for coordinating Environmental Research in Ireland. Three National Research Coordination Groups have been set up for this Purpose.

Terms of Reference

The main purpose of the Research Coordination Groups is to coordinate Environmental Research in Ireland. The aims and objectives include to:

  • Facilitate, support & promote co-ordination, synergies & liaison between relevant funding bodies, public and private; and reduce the fragmentationin environmental research in Ireland;
  • Facilitate an Exchange Forum between Research Funders and Key Stakeholders, providing an interface for Irish Funders of environmental research to deliver and facilitate the dissemination, sharing and uptakeof relevant scientific outputs to policy makers and uptake of research outputs for commercialisation;
  • Identify key research needs and emerging policy needs with the aim of informing the research strategy of Irish Funders of environmental research; review current funding and prepare a Roadmap and Vision for environmental Research in Ireland;
  • Provide a national platform of Irish Research Funders in liaising/linking with European & international activities related to environmental research, such as Joint Programming Initiatives; Technology Platforms, LIFE, etc.



Climate Research Coordination Group

 Climate RCG


Sustainability Research Coordination Group




Water Research Coordination Group



Innovation 2020: National Research Strategy

Innovation 2020 is the National Research Strategy. The EPA is involved in the Implementation Group.

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Innovation 2020