DROPLET Water Research Database


DROPLET (Database of Research Outputs: Projects, Literature and Environmental Technologies) is our, easy-to-use interactive web application for exploring information about projects which have been funded in Ireland on Water Research.

It has been developed by the Environmental Protection Agency but includes projects from many other funders of environmental research in Ireland.

This website provides a one-stop area where users can explore projects funded nationally, in the past and present, and where users can be up to date on all national and international calls and events.

It is intended for the long-term use of managing information on research projects, calls and events. This can be done by actively uploading and editing information on the database through the easy-to-use, interactive webpages.

Funding organisations and researchers have the ability to register and log on to their own user profile.

Depending if you are a funding organisation or a researcher; your user profile will enable you to manage, edit and upload information on research projects, calls and events.

Public users will have the facility to view and download any information that has been made public on the database.

DROPLET is available at: http://erc.epa.ie/droplet/

Check it out and register to submit information on your projects.

We welcome your comments on our new interface – Please send them to dropletadmin@epa.ie