Climate Theme 3: Climate Solutions, Transition

Management and Opportunities


A carbon neutral Ireland by 2050, which is a source for climate information and solutions.

Thematic Goal

Achievement of 2020 targets and to identify and test solutions for achievement of societal and economic low carbon transformation to 2050.

Research objectives include:

  • To advance socioeconomic modelling of cross-sectoral greenhouse gas emissions to 2050.
  • To promote cross disciplinary analysis of effective options for behavioural change in businesses and households and, for each sector, to identify and assess current and future mitigation options including technologies.
  • To bring together diverse research outputs to form a coherent picture of analysis for Ireland and in so doing, to identify green economy and other opportunities from international trends in policy and economics.

Models help us assess transformation pathways at sectoral and cross-sectoral levels. Ex-post analysis of mitigation policies informs development of future options.

Mobilising expertise through cross disciplinary analysis, involving stakeholders, capturing and advancing know-how and practice in the traded and non-traded sectors, are crucial to successful mitigation strategies.

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