Climate Theme 4: Air Science


Achievement of clean air and co-benefits for climate, health, environment and society.

Thematic Goal

To inform pathways for achievement of highest air quality standards in Ireland and advance integrated assessment of air pollution, short life climate forcers, and other wider environmental issues.

Research objectives include:

  • To advance analyses of emissions, transport and removal of air pollutants and increase understanding and awareness of the impacts of air pollutants.
  • To improve national inventories and projections of emissions over a wide range of pollutants including heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
  • To identify and promote emissions abatement options which can enable Ireland to achieve the highest air quality standards.

Topic areas include attribution of air pollutant emissions to economic sectors in order to inform effective actions and improvement of inventory and Projections of emissions under National Emissions Ceilings Directive (NECD) and CLRTAP/Gothenburg.

Smart systems are increasing providing information at a range of temporal and spatial scales across key terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic domains and at city and local scales. These challenge data processing and management systems.

However, they can provide information that is essential to better decision making or in warning or alert systems. This aim is to further develop Ireland as a platform for advanced observation systems which are integrated via systems models into decision support and management systems.

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