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Protection of Drinking Water from Pesticides

Since the making of the 2007 Drinking Water Regulations a trend has emerged of increasing pesticides exceedance notifications.  The number of public water supplies in which pesticides were detected has also increased.

In response to this trend, in early 2013 OEE prepared EPA Advice Note No. 13 "Pesticides in Drinking Water" on actions to be taken where pesticides are detected.  In order to support the implementation of the Advice note's recommendations, the EPA facilitated a National Pesticides Working Group.  The Group's aim was to raise awareness and provide information to pesticide users on the potential impacts of pesticide use on drinking water quality.  Membership of the working group comprised experts from the HSE, National Federation of Group Water Schemes, CCMA/LGMA, Teagasc, Department of Agriculture's Pesticides Registration & Control Division, Federation of Agro-chemical Retail Merchants, Animal and Plant Health Association and the EPA.  The Group undertook reviews of existing literature, sampling arrangements and monitoring guidance.  The Group also prepared a series of leaflets under the title "Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides" aimed at promoting responsible pesticide use by both professional and household users.

Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides - Leaflet Series

Herbicide Use in Grassland (including MCPA).
Advice for Farmers and other Professional Users.
Advice for Gardeners and Household Users.
General awareness-raising poster.

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