Splash - Online Bathing Water System

Since July 2009 the EPA has had in place an online map-based website entitled “SPLASH” which provides the public with bathing water quality information for all of the identified bathing waters. (splash.epa.ie)  The website provides the latest bathing water sampling results during the bathing season together with their compliance with EU bathing water quality standards, their overall water quality status, lifeguard availability, weather and tidal information. It was extensively updated during 2013 to provide additional information including public access to bathing water profiles and incident notifications together with provision for Twitter ™ message alerts.

The EPA has developed an on-line Bathing Water Information System (BWIS) that allows local authorities to report information on identified bathing waters including bathing water profiles which is provided to the public via the SPLASH website. The BWIS also allows local authorities to report incidents affecting the water quality at the identified bathing waters during the bathing season which are automatically notified to the public via the SPLASH website and via @EPABathingWater.

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Check out the EPA bathing water quality website Splash.