Lake water quality reports and maps


  • Water Quality in Ireland has been published regularly since 1987 by the EPA.
  • Key Indicators of the Aquatic Environment has been published since 2005 and the current volume covers 2007-2008. This report gives an overall picture of water quality based on key summary statistics.
  • A synoptic picture of lake water quality is also now available on the indicators dashboard of Ireland's Environment section of this website, describing lake trophic status in terms of numbers of lakes and lake surface area in each trophic category.
  • The regular State of the Environment  reports also include assessments of the state of Irish lakes.
  • International comparisons can be made using the data at the European Environment Agency State of the Environment Reporting Data Centre

Water quality maps

A  lake water quality map listing the lakes surveyed with their trophic status colour coded  is provided with the Water Quality in Ireland reports.

Lake water quality can also be viewed on the EPA's Interactive Maps website: Envision.