Personal & Household Carbon Calculators

We can all play an important role in tackling climate change. Using the Calculator to help reduce our carbon count number is an easy way to take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions we create every time we heat our homes, drive our cars, take a flight, charge our mobile phones or turn on our computers.

The Calculator will also highlight which areas of your lifestyle have the greatest effect on climate change and will provide you with advice on what steps you can take to reduce your carbon count.

The following are free web based personal and household carbon calculators. These have an international dimension, but the mitigation advice is readily importable to any household in the developed world:

There is a range of useful advice and guidance on reducing your carbon footprint through household energy use reductions and waste management at

The SEAI maintain a useful fact sheet on carbon calculators and links to associated resources.

Carbon calculator for businesses & institutions

Play your part in tackling climate change, improve your business efficiency and become sustainably competitiveness through learning how to reduce your impact on the environment, increase your green credentials and save money on energy and resources. The first step towards managing carbon emissions is to measure them because in business, what gets measured gets managed.

The EPA through its Resource Efficiency Programme offers a range of services, advice and guidance to businesses and institutions on reducing energy and other resources use while maintaining productivity. See and for more assistance.

There are a range of carbon calculator resources and carbon disclosure options available for businesses, institutions and local authorities. For micro SMEs and SMEs many of the resources are free.

The Carbon Disclosure Project here in Ireland is supported by the SEAI and the EPA and provide standardised international approached for carbon measurement and disclosure for businesses, institutions, cities, and authorities.


Public Sector Reporting Requirements

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Under S.I. 542 of 2009 the public sector, as defined in the legislation, has specific energy reporting obligations. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is the nominated authority to collect this data.

In 2011, public bodies must;
-;if applicable, include an energy efficiency statement in their organisations Annual Reports, in a format specified by the SEAI
-;report their energy consumption and related data when requested to do so by the SEAI

SEAI has commenced a project to develop an online system for public sector energy reporting. This system will streamline the submission of data and reduce the energy reporting burden on public sector bodies.

More information on the public sector energy reporting obligations and project can be found at;