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The Environmental Protection Agency is obliged to process applications from local authorities in relation to "closed landfills" in accordance with the Waste Management (Certification of Historic Unlicensed Waste Disposal and Recovery Activity) Regulations, 2008.

A "closed landfill" is defined in the 2008 Regulations as a landfill site operated by a local authority for the recovery or disposal of waste without a waste licence on any date between 15/07/1977 and 27/03/1997 (i.e. prior to the entry into force of the Waste Management (Licensing) Regulations, 1997 (S.I. No. 133 of 1997)).

"Closed landfills" are also commonly referred to as historic landfills.

Applications for a certificate of authorisation for closed landfills may only be made by local authorities.

Before making an application for a certificate of authorisation, a local authority will identify and register the closed landfill (Regulation 5).  The local authority will then carry out a risk assessment in respect of the closed landfill (Regulation 6).  When ready, the local authority will apply to the EPA for a certificate of authorisation (Regulation 7).

Risk Assessments are to be carried out in accordance with the 'Code of Practice - Environmental Risk Assessment for Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites' and the site investigation matrices published on the EPA website.

The purpose of the certificate of authorisation is to certify compliance with the requirements of the Regulations.  A certificate of authorisation will comply with the requirements of Regulation 7(7).

Making an application

A local authority will use the application form linked below (Submitting applications is no longer functionional via EDEN).

The following application documents should be forwarded to the Licensing Unit as per the intructions outlined in the two emboldened paragraphs regarding the new arrangements in place for the receipt of correspondence during Covid-19:-

Two hard copies and two CD-ROM disks (the size of each electronic document in .pdf format should be no bigger than 10MB):

  • Completed application form (signed)
  • Risk assessment (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3)
  • Screening for appropriate assessment (or a Natura Impact Statement if required)
  • Two 'Qualified Persons' documents (see below)
  • Any other relevant documentation 

Upon receipt of the above electronic documents and following verification of payment of the application fee, the EPA will acknowledge the application for a certificate of authorisation and will place it on the EPA website.

Please note during Covid-19 there are new arrangements in place for the receipt of all correspondence in relation to applications for Certificates of Authorisation. Accordingly, any application documentation should be emailed to licensing@epa.ie using the file transfer application Microsoft OneDrive and quoting the relevant Historic Landfill Site Code or the EPA Application Registration Number. The EPA doesn't accept files to be transferred using any file share application other than MS OneDrive.  Each file should be in searchable .pdf format and a size not exceeding 10MB. 

Please also note, post Covid-19, you may be contacted to submit the hard copies and CD-ROMs for the submitted electronic correspondence.


Template/Sample letters for Qualified Persons

As part of an application, a local authority will provide two documents that relate to the Qualified Person required under Section 2.3 of the Code of Practice to be involved in the risk assessment process.

Details of a template/sample letter from the Professional Body to the Qualified Person.  The Qualified Person should provide a signed copy of this letter to the local authority for inclusion with the application form.

Details of a template/sample letter from the Qualified Person to the Local Authority.  The Qualified Person should provide a signed copy of this letter to the local authority for inclusion with the application form.

The uploaded letters should provide at least the statements, or equivalent, set out in the templates/samples.

Public participation

An application for a certificate of authorisation will be available to view on the EPA website, here.

Third party submissions may be made at any time before the EPA issues a draft certificate of authorisation under Regulation 7(5).

A draft certificate of authorisation will be made available to the applicant local authority under Regulation 7(5) and will also be placed on the EPA website.  Representations on the proposed certificate of authorisation may be made within the 30-day period provided for in Regulation 7(5).  Late representations will not be accepted.


Historic Landfill legislation

Further Information


If you require additional information in relation to Closed Landfill Certificate of Authorisation please contact the Environmental Licensing Programme at:-

Environmental Protection Agency

PO Box 3000

Johnstown Castle Estate

County Wexford

Telephone Locall 1890 33 55 99 or 053 91 60600

E-mail licensing@epa.ie