BAT Documents (BREFs) / Commission Implementing Decisions (CIDs)

What is BREF?

BAT Reference Document (BREFs) are the reference documents used by the EPA when issuing operating permits/licences for the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) activities specified in the First Schedule of the EPA Act 1992, as amended. The BREFs contain ‘BAT conclusions’ laying down the conclusions on best available techniques.

 An image outlining the standard BREF Structure

What is a CID?

A Commission Implementing Decision (CID) for BAT conclusions will be published for each BREF reviewed under the IED. Article 14(3) of the IED has made the CID on BAT conclusions mandatory in the permitting/licensing process.

Article 21 of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) requires that licence Conditions and/or Schedules be updated/reconsidered within 4 years of publication of a relevant CID. The overall objective of reconsidering and updating permit conditions is to ensure that the operation of installations is in line with the latest developments in the best available techniques.

Website to inform you of current progress of all BAT Reference Documents (BREFS) and Commission Implementing Decisions (CIDs) is as follows: