EPA Funding

EPA Research funding is provided under its four EPA Research 2030 interconnected hubs:

  • Addressing climate change evidence needs
  • Facilitating a green and circular economy
  • Delivering a healthy environment
  • Protecting and restoring our natural environment

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EPA Research Calls

EPA Research funding is principally provided via the competitive annual EPA Research Calls. This funding is aimed at:

  • Addressing medium to longer-term policy needs with desk studies, medium-scale, large-scale and capacity development projects funded using top-down (where specific research questions have been identified) and bottom-up (open calls) approaches; and
  • Capacity building with the funding of research fellowships

The annual EPA Research Call is announced between April and June each year with awards made in November/December.

View information about the 2019 EPA Research call

View the 2020 EPA Research Awards

Fast-track to Policy Funding

Fast-track to Policy funding aims to provide evidence synthesis, review of policies and best practices to answer urgent emerging policy questions (addressing emerging short-term policy needs).

PhD Scholarships Funding Opportunities

The EPA is also providing funding for PhD scholarships via several types of awards:

Collaborative Awards (Joint Transnational Calls)

Where aligned with its strategic objectives, the EPA participates in Joint Transnational Calls under Joint Transnational Calls at EU and international level, providing funding to enable the participation of the Irish research community.

EPA Green Enterprise Scheme

The EPA Green Enterprise Scheme under the umbrella of the Government of Ireland National Waste Prevention Programme is a funding programme to support innovators in Ireland to develop and demonstrate consumer and business solutions that will stimulate the circular economy. It is managed through the National Waste Prevention Programme and is co-funded by EPA Research.

The Green Enterprise Call is usually announced between April and June each year with awards made in November/December.

View more information about the EPA Green Enterprise Scheme

Event Support

The EPA provides funding for small conferences and workshops promoting environmental research in Ireland.

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Other Funding Schemes with our Strategic Partners

  • Co-funding with SFI
  • EPA-Fulbright Commission Awards
  • Co-funding is also provided to other national research funders in areas of common priorities, for research addressing medium to longer-term policy needs
  • Evidence-based research agreements (e.g. framework with the Economic and Social Research Institute and the Institute of Public Administration)