Research Data Archive (SAFER-Data)

SAFER is a web-based data management application providing access to the EPA's Environmental Research Data Archive.

Almost all of these datasets and information products are then made freely available as open access data.

Consequently SAFER has become one of the leading sources of environmental data in Ireland through its innovative approach of linking data and information for download, directly to the projects which created them.

There are two principal types of users or stakeholders:

Public Users: anyone interested in finding out about environmental research, exploring data, and possibly downloading data, information and/or reports for their own applications or research

Scientists and Researchers: This includes researchers and members of the scientific community searching for data and information about other research projects.

All publicly accessible reports, datasets and other information products can be downloaded, for free, at any time from any location.

Every research project funded by the EPA is required to deposit datasets and information products generated during the course of the research in SAFER.

You are not required to have an account on SAFER or with the EPA to download datasets and information products from SAFER.

You can access SAFER-Data here